Mr Jones is an experienced appellate advocate and has appeared both alone and led by senior counsel in the Court of Criminal Appeal and the Court of Appeal. He has conducted numerous jury trials in the Supreme Court and District Court of New South Wales. Mr Jones is also an experienced prosecutor and is a member of the NSW ODPP�s panel of private counsel. He is a member of the Complex Criminal Trial panel and Specialist Barrister panel (Criminal appellate) for Legal Aid NSW, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution�s external panel for junior counsel, the RSPCA NSW panel of barristers for animal cruelty prosecutions and the NSW Department of Justice Office of General Counsel�s panel of external counsel.

Mr Jones is a registered adjudicator under the various �security of payment� legislative regimes enacted in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory and is a Senior Adjudicator on the Adjudicate Today panel across all jurisdictions. He is also a Master Builder�s Australia certified expert adviser in contractual dispute resolution.

Samuel Griffith Chambers
Level 30
66 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Clerk: Bernadette Nolan

Telephone: (02) 9267 4944
Facsimile: ((02 9267 4964

Admitted to Practice: 7 April 2001
Signed Bar Roll: 29 May 2006
Also Admitted in: NSW, High Court of Australia

Field of Practice

  • Criminal
  • Inquests/Inquiries